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Divorce is a very challenging experience. It’s even more challenging without a skillful, compassionate divorce attorney by your side. Carrah Crofton-Wloszek will help protect your rights and get the best resolution for your divorce.

A Compassionate, Determined Divorce Attorney

If you’re thinking of getting a divorce, your stress level is probably high. There are a lot of emotions involved. You might be wondering how often you’ll be able to see your children. Perhaps there are a lot of assets involved and you know this is going to be contentious. Carrah Crofton-Wloszek has seen many cases like yours, and it’s going to be okay.

As a female divorce attorney, Carrah understands the stress and fear that divorce can cause for women. Yet she has helped both men and women going through divorce. In addition, Carrah has a wealth of experience in immigration law, and can handle divorce cases where immigration is involved.

Divorce is emotional, contentious, and can be legally complicated. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of divorce law – Carrah has your back. She will protect your rights, and fight to get you the best possible outcome in your divorce.

Carrah Crofton

Divorce Attorney FAQs

Can any lawyer do a divorce?

In general, any licensed attorney can represent a client in a divorce case. However, there are many laws and technicalities specific to a divorce that some attorneys might not be familiar with. Divorce attorneys are typically very familiar with the divorce laws in Michigan, and are thus more capable of getting a good outcome for you.

Can a divorce lawyer represent both parties?

No. It’s generally unethical for a divorce lawyer to represent both sides in a divorce case. There’s a conflict of interest in this case. The parties in a divorce are opposed to each other, and the divorce lawyer’s job is to advocate for the interests of their client. In an uncontested divorce, in which both parties have agreed on all the relevant issues, a divorce attorney can provide some support but cannot officially represent both sides.

Can you get divorced without a lawyer?

Yes, you can get divorced in Michigan without an attorney if you meet the requirements for an uncontested divorce. However, it isn’t advisable. There are many parts of a divorce for which you’d benefit from legal consultation. Examples include asset division, child support, and alimony. Without a lawyer, you can come out of a divorce far worse off.

Are there divorce lawyers with free consultations?

Yes. Many divorce lawyers, including Carrah Crofton-Wloszek, offer a free consultation. During the consultation, you’ll discuss your case and the attorney will decide if she’s a good fit for your case.

Divorce Lawyer vs Family Lawyer

Many people hear these terms and become confused about what type of lawyer they need. Divorce law is a subset of family law. Most divorce lawyers, including Carrah, are family lawyers first. She can help you with many of the issues related to divorce such as child support, child custody, alimony, and division of assets.

Divorce Lawyer and Immigration

Carrah Crofton-Wloszek is very familiar with immigration law in Michigan, and this can benefit you if your divorce involves immigration status. There are a few issues that may arise related to immigration status:

  • Conditional residency: If a foreign national has a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen or lawful resident, and the couple divorces before the marriage is two years old, the foreign national may ultimately face removal proceedings.
  • Timing issues: A foreign national might be applying for a green card based on a marriage. If the marriage ends before the application is approved, the foreign national may be required to leave the country.
  • Spousal support: If a foreign national depends on their spouse for financial support, divorce may lead to deportation if the foreign national cannot maintain their legal status.
  • Child custody: If a foreign national has children with a U.S. citizen and the couple divorces, it may be difficult for the foreign national to obtain custody considering they may be unable to remain in the United States.

Carrah Crofton-Wloszek has a deep knowledge of immigration issues, and she’s a divorce lawyer who can help you navigate them. 

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If you’ve been charged with a crime, Carrah Crofton-Wloszek is a criminal defense attorney in Troy who fights hard for her clients. Contact Carrah for a free consultation today!

Carrah approaches each problem with three essential elements: strategic thinking, creative solutions, and proven results.
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