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Carrah Crofton-Wloszek is an experienced real estate attorney serving Troy, Royal Oak, Berkley and other locations throughout Metro Detroit.

Real Estate Attorney in Troy, MI

A lot of money and stress go into the world of real estate. If you aren’t careful, legal problems can get in the way of your transactions. Even after you’ve made the purchase, disputes can lead to costly and contentious legal disputes.

If you’re in the business of buying and selling property, a real estate lawyer like Carrah Crofton-Wloszek can be your guide to the complex legalities of Michigan’s real estate laws. She is very familiar with law regarding real estate in Troy and surrounding cities in Oakland and Macomb counties.

In addition to helping you with the legalities of buying and selling, Carrah can protect your rights in negotiations or disputes that may arise as well as provide legal counsel in the event of any lawsuits.

Carrah Crofton

Common Real Estate Legal Cases

There are many issues that might require the support of a real estate lawyer. Here are a few of the common ones Carrah can help you with:

Construction Contracts

When it comes to construction contracts, Carrah can assist in areas such as contract preparation and negotiation, construction litigation, personal injury suits, payment disputes and claims related to delays or abandoning construction. 

Construction Liens

Construction liens are an important tool for contractors to ensure payment. It’s important to make sure these liens are well prepared. Carrah has experience with the Michigan Construction Lien Act and can help guide you through the legal process. 

Property Tax Issues

Carrah can provide legal assistance related to property tax assessment, special assessment issues, appeals, and other issues. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will help you get better outcomes in all problems related to property tax.

Land Division

The Michigan Land Division Act 288 of 1967 impacts many developers and property owners. If you’re buying and selling property, you need to be familiar with its regulations. A real estate lawyer can help you navigate this law and represent you in court if need be.


If you’re working in commercial real estate in Troy or other localities in metro Detroit, Carrah can help guide you through legal issues related to leasing. These include lease agreements, lease violations, and terminations. She can also represent your organization in court to protect your rights.

Purchases & Sales

Buying and selling real estate can lead to legal complications in many ways. Whether you’re involved in residential or commercial real estate transactions, Carrah will guide you through these issues and ensure that your rights are protected.

Title Disputes

It’s important to have legal representation for title disputes related to boundary disputes, easement issues, liens and errors. Carrah can help you resolve these issues and complete the purchase or sale of your real estate without further delay. 

Zoning & Easements

Zoning, land use and easement issues are legally complex. You might find yourself in court if you are unable to resolve a dispute. It’s important to have an experienced attorney like Carrah by your side to fight for your rights. .

Why Choose Carrah?

  • Carrah Crofton-Wloszek has experience dealing with the intricate legal matters surrounding real estate in both commercial and residential settings.
  • Carrah is an independent attorney. She gives each of her clients the attention they deserve.
  • Carrah is familiar with local real estate law. Whether you’re in Troy, Birmingham, Royal Oak or any other communities in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County, Carrah can help. She has experience both in Michigan Real Estate law and local issues.

Contact Carrah Now

If you’re searching for a real estate attorney in Troy, MI, call Carrah at (248) 205-9090 or contact her online to get started. She will stand up for your rights and fight to get the best outcome for you.

Carrah approaches each problem with three essential elements: strategic thinking, creative solutions, and proven results.
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